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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Korean Fashion Trend Model 2014

Model Latest Korean dresses korean style with now is already widely applied in various events and various atmosphere. On formal occasions or on leisure activities with friends. Clothes with korean style does have the impression of elegant and trendy to wear for today's youth both young women and young men.

In 2014, the model or style of clothing korean is not much different from the Korean fashion model in 2013 ago. Korean dress model trend of 2014 is still highlight the impression of a trendy, full of bright colors and elegant. Very suitable for young women who want to be different.


2014 Korean shirt trend is still not far from the clothes or clothes that have unique models, colorful and trendy. This korean clothes from year to year is a lot of demand especially young women. This is because a lot of dramas imported from Korea that aired on national television-television stations, and is no less affecting this trend korean dress model is the presence of K-pop - K-pop or korean pop singer artist or group that is the music coming from Korea who has a lot of fans in Indonesia.

Any artist or music group K-Pop wear, then the fans will of course follow the fashion style of the idol with the hunt for online stores that sell clothing and breathing-knacks worn the idol.

Models of the first Korean clothes are not much different, for a very dominate color is pink, red, blue and green and white. With decorated with floral motifs which of course will add to the beautiful fashions to wear for young women of today.

Dress shirts Model is still much demand, be it Long Dress and mini dress. The impression is visible when girls wear a maxi dress is very trendy look. Korean fashion models usually made ​​of chiffon fabric, cotton, knit, knitting and semi other similar fabrics.

For those of you who want a compact with your partner, we also have some new clothes or fashion trendy Couple. In addition to our couple shirt also there are many collection korean style blazer that fits perfectly support your appearance to look more beautiful.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Model Kebaya Muslim Clothing

As noted kebaya outfit is truly original outfit the country of Indonesia, the relics of the past that lowers the Indonesian nation and has been there since a few hundred years. Although this time the Indonesian nation has existed in modern times, but still continue to use the kebaya outfit.


Throughout the years, most recently, clothing kebaya not least because of the more famous celebrities who got married when using kebaya. As Nia Ramadhani and sustainable flower image that time they both wear wedding kebaya.

Although Muslim dress kebaya design is now not the same as the type of clothing kebaya design ancient times, but some of desiner clothing kebaya not forget that there is a characteristic in the latest kebaya outfit who are currently not on the market a little bit. The subject of this age that kebaya outfit, without losing their identities to be ancestral clothing.

Talk about fashion kebaya dress habits surely we imagine that the place where each course has its own characteristics, Subject is because most influenced the culture and characteristics of the local population-cii different.

The above facts give support to some kebaya designers to continually develop this type of kebaya up as Indonesian people know that initially the traditional type has now grown so Kebaya Muslim. Where models nice and pretty blouse. Here there are various shades or characteristic of Muslim dress models from diverse places such as kebaya, kebaya bali, Sunda kebaya and kebaya Jakara.

joe kebaya

The hallmark of Muslim Kebaya Bali

Kebaya is his trademark, adannya shawl or long section of fabric wrapped around the waist with its use. Obi fabric is not only the fabric is patterned and textured colored also. Differences in kebaya Muslim with traditional Balinese and that kind of a modern kebaya bali corset use. Kebaya Muslim Sekamuinya bali corset accordance with the design but traditional Balinese kebaya wearing brightly colored bodice fabric. Then obi is what distinguishes kebaya kebaya bali with existing elsewhere.

Clothing Kebaya Muslim Sundanese

Kebaya Muslim Sundanese not least precisely manufactured in Bandung area there is not a little padalarang found Sunda kebaya craftsmen. Bandung is not known to be a little town there is also a mention clothing Paris of Indonesia, as well as regarding the type kebayapun in the city has its own style and characteristic. which is very typical of Sunda kebaya with open tops that readers probably know the type of kebaya sabrina. This type emphasizes the beauty of the shoulders, at the same time passed Muslim dress kebaya Sunda began adapted to diverse form of an open collar and upright is better known by the type of vampire. Muslim Kebaya sunda color combination looks fit and elegant combination
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Mode trends 2014!

                                    Industrial fashion industry bathtub gadgets, very dynamic and also very easy to change. Even the weaker sex are often so too in love with dresses and underwear exceed partner, they were clicking like a dream of the perfect appearance of the princess, and how the appearance of fashion trends in 2014?

mode trends 2014

mode trends 2014
 Asian Mode trends 2014
asian mode trends 2014

fashion is always influenced by many things. including consumer and also the weather. Important thing that should not be overlooked is trending each time will change and adapt to the needs.
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tips to wear appropriate clothing for teenagers .

joemajoris blog

Prior to identify model clothes 2014 for teens , it helps us get to know a bit about teenagers and fashion models . Teenagers are past the age of transition , namely the transition from childhood towards adulthood . Adolescence is an age for the introduction of identity . The teens usually tend to have a large enough curiosity , always like to try and prone to imitate the style and action he saw. So is the dress , the teens often become the object of testing the fashion business , without thinking about how the actual conditions in the adolescent self -related , sesuaikah or not . The teens are very happy to follow a trend , people who follow the trend seen as a great figure and fashionable slang . But is always the case ?
Before the teens preoccupied with elections 2014 latest dress models , it's good to listen to young people following a few tips on how to choose the appropriate model of clothes , here are some his review ;
1 . Get to know your body's posture and models . Do not blindly follow a growing trend . Remember that your body is a different shape to the body shape of the models you see . Do not force yourself to follow a fashion trend that is growing. Forcing yourself it will mess up your appearance .
2 . Many people think that the most important thing in wearing a fashion trend is the confidence level of a person , did just that ? Okay if you are confident enough with your display , but the eyes of those who looked still feel the awkwardness of your appearance , self-confidence you have will not be able to drive or seyum laughter in the hearts of those who watch you .
3 . Do not be too tacky and overdone in the dress , please follow the fashion trend that is developing it in moderation . Dressing too sexy for teens will bring harm to the sexual abuse of the teen's own self . Therefore, wear decent clothes but still not too old school on zamannya.4 . Do not be too often wear dark colors , choose bright colors combined with neutral colors . This display will further increase your confidence .
Well , quite obviously not the guides and tips for teens to choose the design they will wear clothes . For the girls could see the 2014 model design clothes in the picture at this post . Model 2014 for the woman's dress is the output of Bandung city . It looks simple but still look trendy .
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